How to Operate Hydrometer

To provide standard instructions for the use of the hydrometer

This method describes the quantitative determination of the particle size distribution in
ground . Size distribution of particles larger than 71 um is determined by sedimentation
process , using a hydrometer to secure the necessary data .

Department personnel and management staff
1 ) Hydrometer
2 ) Hydrometer jar
3 ) conversion table Hydrometer
4 ) Thermometer
Monitors should consult the instructions that come with their sampling and analyzing instruments .
The Clean Water Team Guidance Compendium of Watershed Monitoring and Assessment

State Water Resources Control Board 3132.doc 3/4/2010 Page 1 SOP -
Hydrometer : How to read a Hydrometer

1 ) Place the sample in a bottle of water hydrometer ( 3/4 full ) .

2 ) Hang a thermometer in the tube so completely submerged .

3 ) Gently lower the hydrometer into the bottle . Let the hydrometer to float freely . Make sure the hydrometer and thermometer not touch the top of the stem and that the hydrometer ( which is not in the water ) free from water drops .

4 ) Let the hydrometer stabilize and then record the specific gravity and density suhu.Baca ( to the fourth decimal place ) at the point where the level of water in the jar meets the hydrometer scale .

Do not record where the value of the meniscus ( the arch to the top of the water where it touches the glass ) cut the hydrometer .

5 ) Record the specific gravity hydrometer reading of the scale on the water level and temperature .

6 ) Use a hydrometer conversion table that comes with a hydrometer to determine the salinity of the sample at the temperature noted . Record the sample salinity

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